Sugar: It’s What’s for Breakfast

When I talk to my patients about sugar consumption, the biggest problem seems to be breakfast. Many of my patients don’t even realize how much sugar they are consuming in the morning because they believe the cereals and yogurts they are choosing are “healthy” foods. Here’s a breakdown of the amount of sugar in some popular breakfast cereals, oatmeals and yogurts:

Name Brand- Cereals                                                     Grams of Sugar Per Serving

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Apples & Cinnamon Flavor                  12g

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch                                                        20g 

Kellogg’s Smart Start Healthy Heart Cereal                                  17g 

Kellogg’s Corn Pops                                                                     14g

Name Brand- Yogurts                                                     Grams of Sugar Per Serving

Yoplait Mixed Berry Yogurt                                                            26g 

Yoplait Whips Lemon Burst Yogurt                                                21g

Yoplait Light Harvest Peach Yogurt                                                10g 

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom, Raspberry Yogurt                            26g

Just think…if you are having two servings of one of these cereals (about the amount of cereal one puts in an average cereal bowl) you could be consuming as much as 40 grams of sugar….in your first meal of the day! This will inevitably lead to a “sugar crash” a few hours later where you will begin to feel lethargic and of course, hungry again. Additionally, we know that sugar consumption is the greatest risk factor for diabetes and obesity. The solution? Switch to breakfast options that contain less than 4 g of sugar. Options would include eggs, regular oatmeal, Cheerios, plain greek yogurt or other breakfast items that contains less than 4 g of sugar per serving. Additionally, adding nuts or ground flaxseed to your breakfast cereal, oatmeal or yogurt will add some fiber, keeping you fuller longer, which will help prevent you from bottoming out later in the day. Try plain greek yogurt topped with fresh raspberries and flaxseed. Delicious and filling! By making these easy switches, you will find you have more energy, and feel better throughout the day.


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