Low-carb cauliflower pizza with veggie topping

It’s Friday! How about pizza for dinner tonight?


Yes, you read it right: A pizza that is low carb!! In fact, the “dough” is only made with one tablespoon of flour! And the rest is all veggies! Super healthy and low calorie, yep 😉 And yet it’s filling and very satisfying.

I saw this recipe on the amazing blog Big City Dreamer. It’s such a cute blog with so many great recipe ideas and what I love most of all: the step-by-step tutorials with images!! They are amazing, even if you don’t know so much about cooking, with these instructions, you can do it! So if you want a really good step-by-step guide, click on the above recipe link as well, otherwise, I have also noted below more or less the recommended steps, but I made some adaptations to the recipe, like using gluten-free flour instead of wholegrain flour and also for the topping, I used…

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