The 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge

ImageWelcome to our eight week lifestyle challenge! The goal here is for you to start making positive lifestyle changes in your life which you can continue to do over a lifetime. This is not a traditional weight loss or exercise program. This challenge involves doing simple things each week to benefit your physical and emotional health. The 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge begins Monday, January 6th!

In order to be successful here are a few basic guidelines you should follow as part of this challenge:

1. If you drink alcohol, you should try to cut back to an average of no more than one drink per day and no more than 3 drinks on any day.

2. Try and prepare as many meals at home as possible. It is very had to eat healthy if you don’t cook, prep and plan ahead.

3. Find a partner who is positive and work with them. You can coach each other and support each other.

4. If you smoke, cut back and eventually, quit smoking altogether.

Here’s how the challenge works. Each week, beginning Monday, January 6th, there will be 3 new challenges presented to you: a healthy eating challenge, an exercise challenge and an emotional challenge. Some of these challenges will seem easy to some and difficult to others. Doing any of them will improve your health in some way. The goal is to complete all 3 challenges during the given week. Some examples of possible challenges: (Exercise Challenge) Walk for 15 Minutes 3 times this week. (Emotional Challenge) Make a list of five things that you like best about yourself. (Healthy Eating Challenge) Prepare a dish using lentils for one of your meals.

We will be using different aspects of our social media program (Facebook, this Blog, YouTube and Twitter) to help you in completing your challenges each week. Our Blog, however, will be the main source of information so if you haven’t already become a follower, begin today so you can start receiving email notifications about new posts to the blog. This will allow you to stay up to date with the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge by receiving your new challenges each week in your email inbox.

Myself, as well as some members of our staff will be participating in this 8 week challenge with you so look for updates on our own triumphs and pitfalls. The 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge.
Let’s Do IT!


12 thoughts on “The 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge

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  4. That’s great to hear, Donna! What kind of exercise are you doing? Others might benefit from hearing how you are meeting this goal. As for the sugar, yes it is a struggle! But your tenacious spirit will persevere! Way to go!

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