Week One: 3 Challenges



Welcome to Week One of the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge! Here are this week’s 3 Challenges:

Healthy Eating Challenge: Cut Back on Sugar. Do not use table sugar or artificial sweeteners this week. Also, do not consume any foods that contain more than 4 grams of sugar per serving. When you feel the need for something sweet, opt for a serving of fruit. Refer to the list of low and medium glycemic recommended fruits for your best options. The list can be found in my prior blog post The 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge

Emotional Challenge: Write Down 5 Things You are Grateful for and post this list where you can see it or keep it in your wallet for a quick pick me up when in a stressful spot. 

Exercise Challenge: Complete 10 Minutes of Exercise Everyday. Take a 10 minute walk. Too cold to walk outside? Take your walk in the mall or on a treadmill at a gym. There are also exercise videos available on our YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl0T9HkrfH-E24XSC5ZXDVQ, including one for a 5 minute workout and one for a 10 minute workout. Get moving – it’s only 10 minutes a day!


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