Week Two: 3 New Challenges

Congratulations on completing Week One of The Lifestyle Challenge! I hope you have all personally experienced what positive results can come from just a few small changes. For Week Two, continue our recommendations on sugar (consume only foods with 4 grams of sugar or less, do not use table sugar or artificial sweeteners). If you need a reminder about the negative effects of consuming sugar, watch my video here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl0T9HkrfH-E24XSC5ZXDVQ

Our Healthy Eating Challenge for Week Two: Consume 3 Servings of Vegetables a Day (corn, potatoes, V8 juice do not count). Remember – a serving of vegetables is only 1/3 of a cup, so consuming 3 servings is not that difficult. Eating one salad a day could easily complete this part of the challenge but try to vary the vegetables you are consuming to obtain the greatest nutritional benefits.

Our Exercise Challenge for Week Two: Increase the amount of exercise you are doing a day to 15 – 20 minutes. Keep in mind that this does not have to be accomplished in one session. You can break up your exercise time, completing say 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, or whatever works best for your schedule. It’s going to be a beautiful day today – how about a nice walk outside? If you are thinking of doing any form of strenuous exercise, please check with your doctor first.

Our Emotional Challenge for Week Two: Incorporate 10 deep breathing exercises in the morning and evening. You will be amazed at what an impact this simple routine can have in reducing stress. You can view a video to guide you through this exercise here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGNb2_wHxGQ&list=PLxNhYnu-j6pm9UTTEcMhGT3fvAUGPYP7m&index=1.

I wish you all continued success as you begin Week 2 of our 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge!


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