Week Six: 3 Challenges

Well finally…. Hello Everyone! My apologies in the delay in this post. I was at a medical conference late last week and have spent much of today playing catch up. It’s amazing what an impact a couple of days out of the office has on one’s workload upon return. Thankfully, I have been keeping up with the deep breathing exercises which is really helping manage the stress. Whew!
For this week’s Healthy Eating Challenge, I want you simply to continue eating with the changes incorporated into this challenge from prior weeks. Most importantly, I want you to continue avoiding sugar, fructose, lactose, corn, etc. and continue consuming lots of vegetables. Take a moment to review prior blog posts if you need a reminder on the recommended changes. Later in the week, I will discuss ways that I would like you to change how you eat, such as taking the time to chew, relax and enjoy food.  Simple changes can actually prevent many health problems associated with reflux disease.
For our Exercise Challenge this week, I would like you to pick one day a week that you will commit to 45 minutes of exercise. This can be a Monday or a Sunday – the actual day makes no difference. You can also break up the exercise, taking say a 15 minute walk in the morning and then working out at the gym or taking a yoga class for 30 minutes in the evening. One day a week – 45 minutes of exercise. Continue engaging in 30 minutes of exercise on all of the other days.
In this week’s Emotional Challenge, continue doing your deep breathing exercises 3 times a day. For those of you who are completing your deep breaths while in the car or otherwise actively engaged in an activity, I want you to make sure that at least one set of deep breaths is taking place in a quiet spot where you can close your eyes and be by yourself.
As mentioned previously, I will post again mid-week with some more details about changing the ways we eat. In the meantime, I hope your week is off to a great start!

2 thoughts on “Week Six: 3 Challenges

  1. Hello Marla! Welcome and thanks for following my blog.
    WOW. Sounds like you have really made some big strides to change your health. I am very impressed! Keep up the good work. You are a testament that simple lifestyle changes like clean eating and incorporating exercise can make a major impact on one’s health and waistline. Good for you!

  2. Doc B! This is so cool of you. I’m one of your followers now 😉
    I wanted to tell you I have lost 50 pounds this year! Went from a size 16 to a 9/10 pant. Still going strong and 20 more to reach my goal.
    No diets just clean eating and lots of water. Due to back mostly walking and swimming .
    Come visit me at HH:)

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