8 Weeks. 56 Days. You Did It!


You have officially completed the 8 Week Challenge! Congratulations! I hope you have learned the benefits that changes to your diet, exercise regime and emotional health can bring: increased energy, greater sense of well-being, the ability to sleep better, and increased mental clarity to name a few. Some of you mentioned that the greatest benefits came from changing your diet. There really is no substitute for healthy eating. Energy bars, and nutritional drinks are mostly hype (and often, full of sugar) and their advertisements are more about making the nutritional company money than they are about making you healthy. Consuming whole, non-processed foods, with a renewed focus on vegetables and legumes is a key component to increased longevity.

Another part of the challenge that received much discussion was the notion of taking a cable news or talk radio holiday. While some of you found this particular challenge very difficult, most of you seemed to really enjoy the break and noticed a reduction in your overall stress level with an increase in your feelings of well-being. Wonderful!

I hope that all of you who participated choose to continue to incorporate some of these changes into your life. Most importantly, I hope you continue to share your stories of success with me. For those of you who may need a refresher course from time to time, or for those who did not participate these last 8 weeks but want to give our 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge a try, start with our Let’s Get Grocery Shopping post or use our practice’s website to get our grocery shopping recommendations and view a full list of all of our challenges, from week one to week eight.

Great job everyone!


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