4 Things to Look for in the Frozen Food Section

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When I go grocery shopping with my clients, many assume that we’re going to skip the frozen food section altogether. The truth is, while I’m a huge advocate for eating more fresh fare and fewer packaged products, there are some hidden gems in the freezer section that are worth a spot in your cart—especially if you need time-saving shortcuts to help you eat more healthfully (you know, those nights where you need to make something quick or you’re ordering takeout!). Here are my top four picks, plus good-for-you ways to enjoy them.


You may be surprised to learn that frozen fruits and veggies may actually be more nutritious than their fresh counterparts. That’s because the second produce is harvested, it begins to lose nutrients. Since frozen produce is typically iced close to the time it’s picked, and freezing preserves and possibly boosts antioxidants and nutrients, freezing essentially…

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