‘Pre-Hypertension’ Associated with an Increased Risk of Stroke


We all know that people with hypertension (blood pressure of 140/90 and above) are at an increased risk of stroke but a new study shows that those with ‘pre-hypertension’ (blood pressure readings between 120/80 – 139/89) should take action now to reduce those numbers. The study, conducted by Chinese researchers, found that people with prehypertension have a significantly increased risk of stroke.

“We want the public to understand that you need to do something” when blood pressure rises, even before it reaches hypertensive levels, says Ralph Sacco, a spokesman for the American Heart Association and a neurologist at the University of Miami.

“Lifestyle modification is the No. 1 recommended approach,” Sacco says. It should come as no surprise that losing weight, exercising and eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables all go a long way to lower blood pressure and reduce one’s risk of stroke.

For those of you who participated in our 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge, you learned new ways to eat, exercise more and manage stress, all of which play a role in reducing your risk of stroke. Remember, the full list of recommendations, complete with a grocery shopping guide are always available on our practice’s website.

Here’s to Your Improved Health!






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