One Patient’s Experience: The 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge

One of my patients recently shared her “inspirations” and “experiences” upon completion of the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge. What I found to be most interesting was her mindset throughout the challenge. She remained positive, embraced trying new things, encouraged herself daily and did not set unrealistic expectations. I believe this set the stage for her success. I am posting her comments here in the hope that some of you can benefit from her experiences. Congrats, C!

I am a participant in the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge! I officially started this challenge on January 28, 2014.  I followed the directions and wrote down my inspirations to be successful.


  • I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me when I am not strong.
  • I want to eat to live…not eat to destroy my body anymore.
  • Many foods are available to me but that doesn’t mean I have to eat all of them. Good foods are good for the body but the wrong foods are not.  Think, girl, before you put it in your mouth! Moderation!
  • You know you have to drink water today. Really? Yes! And you have to just walk away from the sodas and juices. They will hurt your body. You can do it. Exhale and keep it moving.
  • Don’t look at trying to lose 30, 50 or 75 lbs. because you won’t do it. Just look at 8 weeks. When you finish the first 8 weeks, take a two-day break and do another 8 weeks until you accomplish your goal.


  • I introduce myself to vegetables that I have never eaten before like swiss chard, spaghetti squash, rutabagas & turnip greens.  Wait a minute, I am now eating hummus too. Right.
  • I learned how to prepare my food differently.
  • I have to be honest….I used honey instead of white sugar. Don’t shoot me.
  • I started walking, bending and stretching during commercials.
  • My favorite muffin is blueberry. There was a blueberry muffin on the counter at my office; I heard it calling my name.  I walked over and told the blueberry muffin,  “You are delicious, however you are not good for me.”
  • Was this challenge easy for me? No, but I am determined to achieve my goals and turn my life and health around.  Fortunately, I can reverse my weight and health conditions by following the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the deep breathing exercises. My pain levels are not as intense anymore and I experience less stress.
  • I am breathing better when I walk through a store, from my car to my building, etc.
  • Wait a minute. Now my pants are too big for me?! Yes!
  • Guess what? I lost 17 lbs. This was the best news I could ever receive on my 59th birthday.  Yes, I am still smiling and dancing. I got my mind made up and I won’t turn back.
  • My friends asked me what diet I was on. “Well, it is not a diet.” I said.  “It is a Lifestyle Challenge from Dr. Bernstein’s office.”

If you are reading this right now, trust me, live a long and healthy life by giving  the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge a chance.  Love ya. -C


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