7 Ways to Prevent Holiday Weekend Weight Gain

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Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of both BBQ season and bikini season, a combo that leaves many of my clients feeling, well, a bit conflicted. Nobody wants to feel deprived, particularly while celebrating a holiday weekend with friends and family. But let’s be real: waking up on Tuesday morning feeling stuffed and sluggish doesn’t feel good either.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to enjoy your cookout without overdoing it. And just in case you indulge a little more than you intended, I’ve also included a few solid strategies for undoing the damage.

During the weekend:

Reach for veggies first

I bet you’ll have plenty of splurge options to choose from, but loading up on veggies first can help you fill up, so you can be more discriminating about what you select next. Great options include water-rich finger foods like grape tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, radishes, broccoli and…

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