One Patient’s Experience: The 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge

Since we are starting our second 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge on Monday via our Facebook Page, I wanted to re-post the thoughts of one of my patients upon completion of the first 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge. I hope you find her words as inspirational as I do.

Living a Long & Happy Life

One of my patients recently shared her “inspirations” and “experiences” upon completion of the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge. What I found to be most interesting was her mindset throughout the challenge. She remained positive, embraced trying new things, encouraged herself daily and did not set unrealistic expectations. I believe this set the stage for her success. I am posting her comments here in the hope that some of you can benefit from her experiences. Congrats, C!

I am a participant in the 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge! I officially started this challenge on January 28, 2014.  I followed the directions and wrote down my inspirations to be successful.


  • I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me when I am not strong.
  • I want to eat to live…not eat to destroy my body anymore.
  • Many foods are available to me but that doesn’t mean I have to eat…

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