How to Fit Exercise Into Your Lunch Break

Reblogging this post to help those who are trying to fit more exercise into their day!

Living a Long & Happy Life


For many of us, life during the day is largely spent in a chair at a desk. The sedentary nature of our jobs can lead to negative effects on our bodies; many of us develop poor posture and back and neck pain as a result of long hours spent at a desk.

Enter your lunch break. Most of us get one of these. Some of us only get 15 minutes, while others of us may have the luxury of an hour. Regardless of the specific duration, you can incorporate exercise into your midday break. Here’s how:

Make the Time!

  • Bring your lunch to work. If your lunch is already in your work space, you don’t have to travel anywhere to obtain food, freeing up more time for exercise.
  • If you have a short lunch break, consider eating your lunch slowly over time while you work and reserve your break time…

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