5 Tips for Eating More Vegetables


We all know that eating more vegetables is good for us, yet we continue to struggle to get more vegetables into our diets. Here are 5 easy tips for eating more vegetables:

1.) When you eat out, order a salad. A single serving of vegetables is a mere 1/2 cup and the average restaurant salad has about 4 times that just in lettuce alone. Add in delicious tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers and other assorted vegetables and you are creating a nutritional powerhouse! For those of you who prefer something else for your meal, opt for a side salad instead of french fries, chips or pasta that may accompany the main course or sandwich.

2.) Buy pre-cut and shredded vegetables to keep on hand. Many vegetables are available already washed and pre-cut. Shredded cabbage, sprouts and carrots are great add-ins to a salad or sandwich and pre-sliced bell peppers and onions are delicious in an omelet or sautéed with a lean protein such as chicken or shrimp. 

3.) Have veggies as your appetizer. While you are preparing dinner, set out a bowl of chopped and sliced veggies on the counter, such as carrots, broccoli and cauliflower (also available pre-cut). Include a healthy dip for dunking your vegetables and you and your family can enjoy this healthy snack as dinner is being prepared, all while getting more veggies into your day.

4.) Roll up your lunch meats! For a quick snack, take a slice of lunch meat and place it on top of a lettuce leaf. Butter lettuce, Boston Bibb lettuce and Red Leaf are three of my favorites. Roll up the lettuce leaf, encasing the lunch meat and enjoy! You can also of course add in other veggies to your wrap, such as sliced onions or tomatoes. 

5.) Drink your veggies! Are you already used to making a fruit smoothie in the morning? How about adding a 1/2 cup of fresh spinach to it next time? Many greens go virtually undetected when mixed with certain fruits like bananas and pineapple. Try adding greens to your next fruit smoothie for a nutritional boost.


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