5 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Shed Pounds

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Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

I’ll admit it: I adore my smartphone. Email, texting, apps, pictures, videos, social media, Netflix, GPS…I’m still amazed that one little handheld device can do so much. And these days more and more people—including many of my clients—are turning to their smartphones for help with their health goals.

If you’re among the 58% of Americans who uses a smartphone, check out these five tips for taking advantage of its capacities to bolster your weight loss success.

Use it to find healthy options, fast

I travel a lot, and even when I’m home, I’m often in neighborhoods I’m not completely familiar with. A huge benefit of having a smartphone is being able to find a healthy place to grab a bite, no matter where I am. Whether through an app like MenuPages (which has both ‘health food’ and ‘local/organic’ categories), a quick GPS search…

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