Ebola: My Perspective


There is no question in my mind that public health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were negligent in their approach to Ebola. Doctors Without Borders has been treating patients for several years and never had a healthcare worker contaminated. It boggles the mind that we were so unprepared and essentially had to reinvent the wheel. There is no excuse for putting healthcare workers at risk the way that they did.

Furthermore, I do not see the need for a political appointee to be in charge. A more appropriate response would be to put a military physician with a background in infectious disease in charge. That being said, we learn far more from our mistakes than our successes and I believe there has been a big wake up call as a result of the Ebola virus. For those of you who want to learn more, here is a very reasonable article about the current state of Ebola and the facts associated with this virus:


Photo Source: AP Photo

10/24/14 UPDATE: Doctors WIthout Borders Physician Tests Positive for Ebola


2 thoughts on “Ebola: My Perspective

  1. thanks, I forgot to ask you this morning about your take. I agree that US handled it poorly.

    Maybe this will get the folks ready for the pandemic that seems to be predicted.

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