Schools With EpiPens Save Lives, Study Says

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FRIDAY, Nov. 7, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Keeping supplies of epinephrine in schools saves lives, a new study finds.

Epinephrine injections are given when someone suffers a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to food or an insect sting.

This study found that stocked emergency epinephrine was used on 35 children and three adults who suffered anaphylaxis in Chicago Public Schools during the 2012-13 school year. The drug was administered by a school nurse in three-quarters of the cases.

Sixty-three percent of the incidents occurred in elementary schools and 37 percent in high schools. The most common causes of food-related anaphylaxis were peanuts (55 percent) and fish such as salmon, tuna and flounder (13 percent).

The findings were scheduled for presentation Friday at the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Atlanta.

“We were surprised to see that of those who received the epinephrine, more than half…

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