Can Running Really Be a Form of Meditation?

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A couple weeks ago, I came home from a run feeling totally rejuvenated. I’d gone into it thinking about a relationship dilemma, and by the time I finished my loop, I’d found resolution in a calm and levelheaded manner—it felt like a meditative experience.

That’s not the first time I’ve likened running to meditation. Whenever people ask me if I meditate, I usually pause and say something like, “Well, I don’t meditate, per se, in that staring-at-a-candle-for-20-minutes sort of way. But I do run a lot, and I feel like they both produce similar mind-clearing results, so they’re kind of the same thing.”

Not exactly.

Experts agree that it is possible to practice meditation while running (more on that later), but to say they’re equivalent misses some important points. Let’s start with some basic facts. Defined, meditation is essentially anything in which you intentionally set aside time…

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