Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! 

Take this Ecological Footprint Quiz to measure how much of the Earth’s resources you use and for access to types on how to reduce your mark! 

Earth Day Challenge: UNPLUG TONIGHT. That’s right. Turn off your cell, your computers, your iPad and TVs. Maybe even turn off the lights and light a few candles. Open the window and enjoy this time. 


April Showers Brings Super Health Powers!


April is National Gardening Month, so head to your favorite nursery and stock up on mulch, plant food, and your favorite garden veggies and flowers! Did you know that gardening is the ultimate Mind-Body workout? Getting outside helps create a calm relaxed state of mind, helping you let go of those everyday stressors. Added benefits? Major calorie burning, functional exercising, and free produce!

Here are some tips and checklists and added benefits to help you get started!



Alzheimer’s Disease, a chronic neurodegenerative disease progressing from short term memory loss, to mood swings, to disorientation, to not managing self care. Although the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is difficult to specify, proteins (called Amyloid-Beta Proteins) are associated with Alzheimer’s disease pathology. These proteins accumulate into plaques and disrupts the structure and function of brain cells (neurons) ultimately resulting in neuronal cell death and brain degeneration.

A recent study published in Science Translational Medicine, investigated a noninvasive, non-drug approach to removing amyloid plaques and restoring memory in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Through the repeated use of a scanning ultrasound, 75% of the Alzheimer’s Disease mouse model showed plaque clearing, and memory restored; clearly suggesting that repeated ultrasound treatment is worth exploring as a non-invasive therapy for Alzheimer’s disease.