Resolve vs. Reflect

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We are less then one week into the New Year and the thought of making resolutions have probably crossed your mind. I want to raise awareness about the stress and difficulties surrounding this time of year. The word itself: resolution, means to solve a conflict or problem. This is turn suggests that we are problematic people with something to fix. And while it is commendable to always try and improve; interestingly, most of our resolutions tend to be negatively vague: “be better”, “work harder”, “loose weight”…etc.

We are primed to punish ourselves to fix problems that do not even exist – and then feel bad about not fixing said problem. We then think, we are not disciplined enough or not strong enough. But perhaps our problem is to think that something is wrong to begin with. Perhaps we are just fine as we are.

Self-reflection has been shown to improve awareness and mindfulness which in turn are good for one’s health. So instead of “resolving” to “fix” yourself, this new year I invite you to simply self-reflect.